Electrical Outlet and Switch Installations in Pasadena, MD

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Need to replace damaged, faulty, or burnt outlets and switches? Older electrical systems may require an upgrade to accommodate the many appliances and electrical equipment most households need for their day to day activities. Magothy Electric Co. Inc. provides a variety of electrical services throughout the Pasadena, MD area that include safety inspections as well as outlet and switch installations. We can help you remove damaged or outdated parts and provide code-compliant installations.

Give us a call today to request an estimate or book an appointment to have us help you safely replace and install new electrical outlets and switches for your home in Pasadena, MD.

Quality Electrical Outlet Installations for Pasadena, MD Homeowners

When it comes to outlet installation and replacement, we can help you set up the right outlet for your needs.

Two-Prong and Three-Prong Outlets

Older properties will likely feature two-prong outlets. These are no longer code-compliant (unless your home does not already feature a grounding wire in the circuit that is dedicated to the two-prong outlet).

We recommend homeowners with older electrical systems to upgrade to three-prong outlets. These feature a ground wire that will direct power surges away from your home and into the ground, helping to prevent electrical shocks.

Our Pasadena, MD outlet installation professionals can help you install traditional three-pronged outlets and GFCI outlets. The latter is designed to better protect against accidental electrocutions and is typically installed in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, pool area, or other areas where water is used.

USB Outlets

USB outlets function just like regular outlets but have the added feature of USB ports. Each outlet usually comes with two USB ports, but we can also help you install fully dedicated USB outlets that feature several ports. Before installing USB outlets, we will need to assess the amperage in your home to ensure that it’s enough to accommodate the new installation.

Other outlets we can help you install include cable outlets as well as tamper-resistant outlets. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and schedule professional electrical outlet installation or replacement services in Pasadena, MD today.

Electrical Switch Installation and Replacement Services in Pasadena, MD

Want to upgrade your electrical switches for more convenient and better lighting control? The types of electrical switches we can help you install include single-pole, double-pole, three-way, and four-way switches. Each of these will look similar on the outside but involve a different function.

We can help you determine if your current electrical switches will benefit from replacement or servicing. If a new installation is recommended, we will discuss your options and help you in choosing the right electrical switch for your home.

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