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Top 10 Reasons to Call an Electrician

Top 10 Reasons to Call an Electrician

It is normal to try and fix faulty electrical appliances and frayed wires in our home’s electrical system. While DIY electrical fixes may seem to save you money and time, you shouldn’t attempt them if you don’t clearly understand electricity and its workings. Read on to understand why you should call a professional electrician from Magothy Electric to address any concerns in your wiring.

1. Upgrade Your Electrical System

Certified electricians upgrade your system to the latest National Electrical Code requirements to ensure efficient operation and reduce the risk of electrical-induced house fires. If your system is older than 25 years, you probably need a full revamp from a certified electrician.

2. You Have Flickering Lights

Bulbs operate on specific wattage. If you overload the grid by using too many appliances simultaneously, you should call an electrician to add new amp lines to service heavy-duty and small appliances’ wattage needs.

3. You Have Snaked Wiring

A snake wire system is essentially a branch of electrical wires that crisscross and intertwine across your house. Damaging a single wire in such an intricate arrangement could cause fires or complete blackouts. Instead of risking it, consider professional help.

4. Your Circuit Breakers Trip and Fuses Blow (Frequently)

If you notice repeated fuse blowing and circuit breaker tripping, it may be time to call in the big guns. If your circuit breakers keep tripping, the electrical system draws in more current than the grid can provide. The reverse is true for blowing fuses. Both instances necessitate reviewing the electrical system and fixing it.

5. To Detect Problems Early-on

The major benefit of hiring a certified electrician from Magothy Electric is that they run comprehensive diagnostic checks to determine the underlying problem and others you may not notice. Maybe you have a faulty oven, but the problem is the out-of-style aluminum wiring. The electrician detects the problem and nips it in the bud before it balloons into a costly and dangerous problem.

6. You Have Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring poses 55 times more danger of electrical short circuits and house fires. Call an electrician to replace aluminum wiring with industry-approved cables and wiring connections if you have aluminum wiring.

7. Extra Warm Light Switches

Light switches and sockets occasionally get warm due to overuse. If you notice the fixtures are extra warm and produce a light shock when you touch them, you shouldn’t ignore the problem. To avoid accidents, call an electrician.

8. Electrical System Has A Buzzing Sound

No, you do not have bees in your house. The buzzing sound is the electrical system’s way of telling you something’s wrong with it. Do not perforate the drywall to diagnose the underlying issue. Instead, switch off the main supply line and search for the best electricians in Glen Burnie.

9. High Electric Bills

Unusually high electric bills may be due to faulty lines or other issues. Certified electricians audit your hiked power bills before detecting and solving the problem.

10. You Are Moving To A New House

Whether it’s a newly constructed house or a mansion you recently bought, you need an electrician to certify the safety of the underlying circuits, wires, light fixtures, and more.

To protect the safety of your house and its occupants, it’s a good idea to call an electrician to handle electrical faults and install preventive devices. You can trust our team at Magothy Electric for all your electrical solutions in Glen Burnie.

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