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With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching fast, electrical safety becomes a priority. Soon we’ll be cooking dinner for friends and family and hanging the Christmas lights around the house. We need a lot of power to accomplish all this safely. Can you count on your electrical system as it is? Or do you already have problems that need to be addressed?

Our family-owned business at Magothy Electric Company wants you and your Baltimore family to have a safe and happy holiday season, so we have put together a few electrical safety tips to help. And remember, we offer 24/7 emergency electrical repairs in case you need it.

Ovens, Microwaves, Kitchen Appliances, & More

Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner. The turkey or ham will go in the oven, we’ll be baking casseroles and desserts, and heating stuff up in the microwave. Running all the kitchen appliances at the same time takes quite a bit of power. Then, there are the lights, HVAC system, water heater, and everything else that will be working overtime.

  • If the electrical system in your house has trouble with the load, you’ll find the lights flickering, the microwave power waning, and possibly a breaker trip or two.

Is your electrical system up to par to handle the holiday season load? If you aren’t sure or you already have problems, an electrician should inspect the system. You may need a panel upgrade, a dedicated appliance circuit, or even an upgrade to new wiring. Be safe and have all the power you need during the holidays.

How To Keep My Home Electrically Safe This Christmas?

After Thanksgiving, hanging Christmas lights is a fun activity for the family. The Christmas tree goes up, lights go up on the outside, and all the lighted decorations get placed in the front and in the house. Be safe while hanging your Christmas lights and decorations this year with the following tips.

  • Replace frayed Christmas lights
  • Get someone to spot you while using the ladder!
  • Do not, (Do not!) use a lot of extension cords
  • Don’t put extension cords under carpets or flammable objects
  • Don’t ignore pops, cracks, or burning smells Call an electrician!

For more information on Electrical Safety in Baltimore, please call Magothy Electric Company.

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