4 Types of Outdoor Lighting

4 Types of Outdoor Lighting

If you want to increase the security of your home in Glen Burnie with security lighting you’ll want to choose the right lights and fixtures to appropriately illuminate the exterior and interior of your home.

In a residential setting, security lighting involves safety as well as security, so it can involve installing low voltage recessed lights in the hallway with a dimmer switch for night-time use or installing a floodlight that illuminates the driveway.

Good lighting is important for the safety and security in your Glen Burnie home. But good security lighting isn’t only needed outdoors. In the kitchen areas, you need to be able to see well when you prepare foods and cook, so safety is also important. Bathrooms need sufficient lighting so you don’t slip and fall in the shower, tub, or on a wet floor.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Exteriors need to be well lit for security, especially at entry doors and around garages and workshops. Garage and workshop interiors should be extremely well-lit for safety during the handling of dangerous tools and equipment. Swimming pools should be well lit to prevent accidents. And walkways, patios, or outdoor living areas need to have some illumination for safety.

Areas Perfect For Security Lighting

You have plenty of options today in security lighting for your home. Installing outdoor security lighting will make it harder for criminals to sneak around. Insufficient outdoor lighting will only create large shadow areas around the house for criminals to hide in. The garage area, sides of your home, and possibly an area in your back yard could benefit from floodlights.

The best type of flood lights to install are those which come on automatically from dusk to dawn. There are energy efficient fixtures and bulbs you can choose so you don’t have to worry about a high electric bill.

Motion Sensor Lighting

There are many times you don’t want your lights to be on all night but only until someone is near. Motion sensor lights are the right option for these areas. They are best used in combination with other outdoor lighting types instead of just by themselves or the home exterior will stay dark.

Many light fixtures today offer motion sensor technologies including porch lights or some interior lights. You know it can be really frustrating to be half asleep while walking through a dark house to the bathroom or kitchen to get a drink of water. It never seems to fail that you ram your shoulder or leg into a piece of furniture. It is very convenient to install motion sensor lights in the hallways or in certain rooms of your home for night-time safety. They recognize that you enter the area and give you or your family members enough illumination to keep from bumping into things.

Daylight Responsive Security Lighting

Having security lights that turn on at sunrise and off at dusk automatically is wonderful. There’s no worry about leaving lights on during the day or remembering to flip a switch when you get up or go to bed for the night.Â

Automated Outdoor Lighting

Would you like to set your outdoor security lighting on a schedule? Well, we can install the technology for you. Automated Security lighting can be great for your convenience because you don’t have to manually control them if you don’t want to. Today, you can set your lighting schedule and forget about it!

Emergency Security Lighting

If you want large areas of your property lighted up when you need it, there’s a lot we can do for you with emergency security lighting with flood light lights that light up large areas of your Glen Burnie property. We have highly efficient options that produce tons of light to light up your property. This lighting is only activated by you during emergency situations where your main lights aren’t sufficient.

Ready to Install Security Lighting In Your Home?

Magothy Electric Company has helped many homeowners in the Glen Burnie area throughout the years with security lighting and would be glad to come to give you a free estimate. Our electricians have all the tools and knowledge to provide you with any type of lighting you need! If you have questions or are looking for security lighting installation services in the Glen Burnie area, please call (410) 220-6619 or complete our online request form.

An outdoor lighting installation project can add up in costs. Magothy Electric Company understands this and wants to help. That's why we offer our valued clients a variety of coupons. Reach out to our office today to discuss your options.

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