How To Protect Your Electronics

How To Protect Your Electronics

Increasingly, Baltimore residents find themselves more and more dependent on electrical devices in this modern world. Our DVD players, gaming systems, microwaves and of course our computers are important to our quality of life and communication with our family, friends and in some cases, work contacts. Considering also that these electronic devices are not always cheap to replace and contacting a Baltimore Surge Protection professional isn’t an option to fix these devices, it is a good idea to consider the following in an effort to prevent damage from electrical surges or spikes.

What Is An Electrical Surge Or Spike?

Electrical surges or spike events are typically defined as a “large current/voltage transients that occur in an electrical signal or the power-line”.

  • Basically, it’s when the power line gets hit with a little extra “juice” for a few nanoseconds, due either externally to something like a lightning strike or internally due to a device that requires extra energy to turn on, like a refrigerator or air conditioning unit.

What Is The Best Way To Protect My Sensitive Electronics?

Keep electrical devices unplugged when not in use. Electrical surges can be devastating to any electronic that is plugged into an outlet, even if the machine is turned off. A common way to protect many of your electronics is to use a “power strip” that contains surge protection circuitry. They are available at many Baltimore office and home stores and are usually clearly marked with surge protection status. Use caution in using surge protectors, however.

  • As they absorb energy from surges, they can wear out over time.
  • Replace them every three years or when the “protected” light that comes on most of them goes out.

By using just a little bit of caution, you can save your sensitive electronics from an early death and save your phone calls to a Baltimore electrician for the big stuff.

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