Top Notch Electrician in Perry Hall?

If you need electrical work done, you should call on the professional Perry Hall Electrician from Magothy Electric Company. We do repairs and replacements based on your needs. There never any waiting for us as our techs are focused and prompt.

Be sure and evaluate what needs to be done as far as electrical work is concerned. Are you building onto your home? Adding an addition? Or simply adding a new appliance? Whatever your needs are, call us. Our Electrician can put an ease on your wallet by getting several services done at the same time.

Take inventory and it will help save you money. Why waste time only having one thing done at a time whenever your home suffers from a lot more? Without our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, it ca be hard scheduling a good time to come out.

No matter when you need us, we will be there. At Magothy Electric Company, our goal is to provide each and every customer with the safest and affordable electrical services possible.


Perry Hall Electrical Repairs

Making the decision to do Perry Hall Electrical Repairs on your own could end up damaging your appliances and components even more. It is a well know fact that most DIY electrical repairs end up with damaging results.

We’re here to tell you that our techs can do the repairs for you. If you think that all electricians and work are too expensive, you may want to call for an estimate. What would you rather have, a repair or a replacement?

Don’t tackle those large projects on your own. Call in the experts for help. We have a working knowledge of all electrical items and components. A home with working electrical components is a functional home.


Perry Hall Whole Home Electrical Inspection

Do you need someone capable of performing a whole home electrical inspection? If so, take advantage of our inspections and keep your home in one piece. You can have an inspection done that will take care of your home’s wiring need and:

  • Keep the home safe
  • Save money on electrical services
  • Have working wiring free of problems

When we hire, we do right because al of our techs are carefully screened. We don’t just put anyone on the job. We only hire the finest. We want you to experience inspections, installations, and repairs the way they were meant to be.

We’ll always take care of your wiring or other electrical needs quickly and conveniently. Why stress whenever you have us to your needs? Contact our Perry Hall Electrical Inspections today and have a safer home by tomorrow.


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Perry Hall, MD

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