On the Hunt for an Electrician in Garrison?

When you hire on a Garrison electrician from Magothy Electric Company, you’ll receive unbeatable custom service and workmanship. Your homes electrical system depends on how good the electricians are which you hire. If you get qualified ones, the repairs will be done conveniently and safely, but ones that aren’t licensed or insured can ruin your home and make for a big disaster.

Our job is to attain a technical know-how for maintaining, testing, repairing and developing electrical wiring and equipment in your home and business. We live in a world fueled by electricity. If that’s taken away from us, we fall crippled as we need electricity to survive.

We are the techs who stay up-to-date on electrical standards and are able to keep your home’s electrical devices monitored and running efficiently. Call Magothy Electric Company as our Electrician is the dependable leader in electrical repairs and installations.

Our Garrison Electrician is specially trained to take on any of your electrical repairs or other electrical work. Items such as your smoke alarms and new outlets can easily be repaired or installed. You’re always in good hands when you go with our electrical contractors.


Garrison Electrical Repairs

We’re the electric company where we have a working knowledge of all things electrical. We’re dedicated to seeing your repairs the whole way through. Safety is our number one concern as we practice it on the job and on every project we are involved with. Never trust an electrician that works chaotically as that is a sign you are not getting what you paid for. Our Garrison Electrical Repairs entail:

  • Inspections
  • Detailed look at your electrical wiring
  • Electrical appliances thoroughly looked over

Contact our Garrison electricians today and find out how we can get your home’s electrical components and system working properly and proficiently. You can’t go wrong when you have Magothy Electric Company take care of any of your homes electrical.


Garrison Whole Home Electrical Inspections

A whole home electrical inspection from Magothy Electric Company is exactly what you need to keep your home safe. Your home’s wiring is just as important as everything else. You should take it seriously as it can lead to many problems.

If you live in an older home or apartment and haven’t had an electrical contractor check out your panel box or your sockets, it is time to have it done because those two things, among others, can lead to a house fire as older wiring is fragile.

Contact our experienced electricians today and save time. We’ll be there to take care of your electrical problems through our Garrison Electrical Inspections. We’re experienced and skilled in all facets of our trade. Call today and live safely ever after.


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