Professional Electrician in Overlea?

The Overlea Electrician at Magothy Electric Company are experts in repairs and installations. We can fix everything from your ceiling fans to your lighting. Your home or office depends on good lighting for better visibility and we can get it there.

Lighting is very helpful to homeowners no matter is it is outdoor or in. It’s the cheapest form of a security and prevents homes from getting broken into. Security and timed lighting is a great way to keep your family members safe.

Whenever you need this lighting installed or replaced, call Magothy Electric Company. Our Electrician has been keeping families safe as our lighting services are a great alternative to other methods of security and visibility for homes all over.

There are lots of things we use on a daily basis around the house that can short out. Our electrical components are just like cars; without some care they are not going to run long. This is why our maintenance works for home and businesses.


Overlea Electrical Repairs

Overlea Electrical Repairs can avoid costly replacements .Whenever we hear that something does not work, we spring into action. Why normally throw our electrical appliances in the dump or have them replaced whenever they stop working. We can avoid that.

Servicing something as important as your ceiling fan will provide you with peace of mind. Just knowing that you don’t need to replace it should calm your nerves. Shelling out a few dollars towards a repair is a lot better than throwing a couple of hundred of dollars down the drain.

Have your devices and components fixed by us and they will work again. The problem with most components lies in bad motors and switch. Call and get yours fixed by our dedicated and reliable electricians.


Overlea Whole Home Electrical Inspections

Professional contractors can perform whole home wiring inspections on your residence. We attend to your wiring issues when problems are experienced. We will not leave you disappointed with the outcome as we are the techs who are capable of locating:

  • Poorly installed wiring
  • Faulty wiring
  • Old and fragile wiring

When it comes to professionalism, our techs are who you need to feel safer. We take pride in providing our customers with these and other handy, helpful services. Allow our techs into your home, have a Overlea Electrical Inspection done, and save money.

Call us today and save as our Overlea electricians come out to your home. We make house calls because we care about the safety of your family. We won’t let you live in a home that is plagued with electrical problems.


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