Professional Electrician in Parkville?

There are a lot of homeowners who should be taking advantage of the electrical services of Magothy Electric Company. Our Parkville Electrician has what it takes to make your home energy efficient. Call us today and make an appointment and we’ll come to your home for repairs or installations.

Getting three estimates will help you in order to find a reputable Electrician. As a rule, it’s not whose the cheapest that you should go with. Just because one is less expensive than the other does not means they are the best. Give Magothy Electric Company a call and see the difference a professional can make.


Parkville Electrical Repairs

Whenever you’re seeking Parkville Electrical Repairs for your business or home, make sure that you find someone who will maintain and keep your building up to code. New construction services will help add onto your current structure and even create a new environment.

Electrical components such as panel boxes and are something that only qualified techs can repairs for you because it takes skill to read blue prints and to be able to execute the job thoroughly from design. We want to meet all of your commercial needs and then some. So call on our electricians today to see how we can increase production.

Your business depends on working electrical components. Besides-how many of you ever heard of a business operating in the dark? When something breaks down or needs to be replaced, it can take time away from production as well as losing valuable customers.


Parkville Whole Home Wiring Inspections

Older wiring needs replaced due to potential hazards that it brings into the home. Updated wiring can handle all current electric technologies including appliances with higher wattages. This is why you need a whole home wiring inspection.

Call Magothy Electric Company today and let us preform our Parkville Electrical Inspections for your wiring system. We’ll tell you if you should replace or have it repaired in order to save money. From the simplest of jobs to the toughest, we can handle handle them.

Exposed wiring is a fire hazard. You are putting your home at risk every day when it’s not taken care of. If you don’t want to become a victim of an electrical fire, you can hire our specialists to inspect your home instead. Frail wiring is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off .

We can do whatever it takes to make your home more complete and safer to live in. Our Parkville electricians are trained to take on tough repairs, go through intricate wiring, and install new electrical appliances. We care about your home and will make all efforts to make sure that you are getting the electrical services that you need.


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