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Edgewater-electrical-repairsFor nearly 2 decades the professionals at Magothy Electric Company have been providing dependable service for home and business across Edgewater and the surrounding Maryland area. Our entire team of technicians are Maryland licensed and certified in all areas of residential, commercial, and even industrial electrical work. We are highly trained in order to help you stay within city, state, and federal guidelines for electrical wiring in the home and office. When it comes to doing electrical work in your property don’t take chances. Go with the experienced professionals at Magothy Electric Company. We are your electric experts!

Surge Protection Services

If you have an office or a home that requires both protection for all your devices and accommodation for the amount of electrical current you require then check out our surge protection services. We inspect your entire residential or commercial property in order to find out how vulnerable your system is to a surge from a lightning strike or system overload. From there we can make recommendations on how to protect all of your electronics and appliances. If you have several computers in your home or other gadgets that store date, then Edgewater surge protection is a must. Contact us today and let us help you protect your valuable assets.

Complete Repair Service

We handle all electrical repairs in Edgewater for both new and old wiring systems. No matter how small or large your problem is, let our experienced crew take care of it for you. Residential electrical repairs include wiring, home repairs, smoke detectors,
panel upgrades, and complete inspections. We also provide the same high level work for commercial and industrial properties. We insure that all our work is performed using the safest methods in order to protect both our employees and
our clients. Our staff is insured, bonded, and wear protective clothing for every job.

Do You Need A Panel Upgrade

Today’s homes and offices require more power than ever. With thousands of dollars of electronics, equipment, and appliances and old panel simply won’t be able to handle the amount of Edgewater electrical flow that is required in order to
simultaneously provide electricity for everything running at the same time. Schedule a consultation with us today so that we can evaluate the panel in your building. We can easily test your panel to see if you are getting electronic current that
is both effective and efficient. An old panel will cost you more money in the long run. A brand new panel gets the job done while providing a safer solution.

Whole System Troubleshooting

If you think that you may be experiencing problems in your home or office then contact us today. With one on-site visit we’ll inspect your building’s wiring, outlets, panel, switchboard and all other components. We can inspect the wiring
throughout all your walls without damaging the drywall or any other areas. With Magothy Electric Company you get a comprehensive inspection that leaves nothing to chance. We understand that a weak electrical system is more than just an
inconvenience. It’s a safety issue that also becomes a legal issue if your building is not up to local, state, and federal codes.

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Edgewater, MD

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