Ceiling Fan Installation in Baltimore

A ceiling fan can be quite beneficial to the home. They can take out the moisture in a room or circulate the heat around. Either way, they can be a great asset. If you are in need of a Baltimore ceiling fan installation, call Magothy Electric Company. Whatever you need one for; they are always great to have as they are decorative to the interior too. Come to us for your ceiling fan needs and have it done right. Our installations are done by professionals who have been in their trade since 1996. Call us today for brand name installations.


Ceiling Fans with No Instructions

When you receive your fan, a complete set of installation instructions will (or should) be included. In reviewing a number of these instruction manuals, we have found that most are very complete and not very detailed. Some do not even include graphics to help the installer relate to the written description of the steps necessary to get the job done right.

Benefits of ceiling fans:

  • Prevent pests from ruining family activities
  • Better than floor fans
  • Efficient ceiling fans


Improper Installations

A fan that is not correctly installed in Baltimore will no doubt cause you some maintenance grief. Incorrectly installed ceiling fans are more prone to wobble or vibrate and require maintenance to correct these problems. Most of the time, correcting a wobbling or vibrating fan is fairly simple and straightforward but on occasion it can become a time-consuming and frustrating job.


Changing Setting

When you’re ready to change the rotation of the settings; schedule some time for maintenance. Using a stepladder, wash the top of the blades. While you’re up there, check the decorative plate that rests against the ceiling. It should be firmly attached to the ceiling. If it’s not, you have a bit of a job in store. These are areas that we can help.


Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is required after you’ve had your ceiling fan installed. We can help when you don’t want to risk falling or the blades from the fan smacking you in the head. We’re locally ran and owned, so we’re always available.


Maximizing the Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

You can also use your ceiling fan to maximize the benefits by circulating the home’s heating. If you are always turning your heat up, due to the draft in the home, utilize your ceiling fan. You’ll be able to set it lower and keep your bills down.

When it comes to a Baltimore ceiling fan installation from Magothy Electric Company, you’ll be in good hands as your fan will be fully functional and not be in need of maintenance.


Our Baltimore Ceiling Fan Installation Provides These Detailed Services

  • Ceiling Fan Light
  • Ceiling Fan Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Repairs
  • Ceiling Fans With Lights
  • Small Ceiling Fans
  • Ceiling Fan Parts
  • Flush Mount Ceiling Fans
  • Fix Ceiling Fan
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans
  • Ceiling Fan Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket


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