Looking for a Dependable Electrician in Carney?

The electricians from Magothy Electric Company are qualified techs that you’ll find to replace your home’s wiring, upgrade your panel box, and install a smoke detector and more. We will eliminate the possible electrical threats inside of your home.

Finding a reputable Electrician is tough because there are many qualified ones out there. A skilled electrical worker can get a job done safely. When dealing with electricity it is important that you find someone that is:

  • Experienced
  • Has referrals
  • Has practiced in one area for a while
  • Has a good rating with BBB

Whenever you find a qualified Carney Electrician, get estimates. Just because some may cost more does not always make them the best. You will have to do some detective work in order to get one that is affordable and reliable.

We want to become your “go to” guys for everything electrical. We won’t waste your time or make you overpay for our services. We are dedicated to keeping your home or business safe.


Carney Electrical Repairs

Carney Electrical Repairs for your business will help older buildings to stay up to code. Older buildings are like tinder boxes, ready to go up in flames because they have not been touched by an electrical technician in some time.

You can’t practice a business without being able to stay up to date. That’s a violation that comes from the city. An overloaded outlet is just one of many fire hazards that an old building has issues with. The same with the panel box.

Older outlets only have two prongs. Appliances and other electrical equipment nowadays have three. Obviously you cannot put a three prong into a tow pronged outlet. We can help with these and other matters whenever you call on our Carney electricians.


Carney Whole House Electrical Inspections

Trying to hire an electrical contractor for a whole house electrical inspection? Well- you can always look into Magothy Electric Company for professional inspections. We’re the electrical contractors that have experience and are certified to inspect your home or business. Our Carney Electrical Inspections will improve:

  • Resell value of home
  • Fuse box and general circuitry
  • Poor wiring

Whenever you need to hire a dedicated electrical contractor that can deliver you a quick and friendly service, make sure that you call us before anyone else. For years we have been the people’s choice for quality electrical work and committed inspections.

If you have something that you need to have done immediately, contact our Carney electricians and get work done by the best. We are skilled, dependable, and our services are affordable for homes and business owners all over.


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