Telephone System Installations in Baltimore

Your Baltimore phone system is one of the best assets as it allows you to communicate within and across teams as well as your clients easily and effectively. If you have a large staff, you’ll want to choose a sophisticated office phone system which can improve productivity and also enhance customer service. If you have an under-performing commercial phone system and you’re constantly putting money into repairs and having to get it serviced every other week, contact our Baltimore Electrician for a Baltimore Telephone System Installation and save.

Your new Telecommunications equipment will remove the hassle of tangled wires, bulky machinery, and also reduce the cost of having to maintain the equipment. All of the features, of your new phone system from Magothy Electric Company, will be advanced and easier to use.



If you’ve shelled out endless amounts of money into your old phone system, look into a new one. The installation will be professionally done making it reliable when you need it to contact others or make important conference calls.


Additional installations

If you need an additional phone system installed at your place of business, we can help you add a line. Whether you have multiple lines or just one, we have the means to add on. Our installers can handle all size jobs in Baltimore.

Benefits of a Professional Phone Line Installation

  • Done by professionals
  • Reliable work
  • Safe wiring


Fast and Reliable Installations

Since 1996, Magothy Electric Company has been installing telecommunications systems for businesses all over. We have the specialized equipment to handle even the largest projects. We can deliver complete turnkey installations for your convenience.


Old and Unreliable Commercial Phone Systems

When you go to pick up the phone and it sounds like aliens have taken it over; you should already be thinking about a new phone line. We can install a phone line that will not interrupt important calls or cut out during one.


Hard Wired and Wireless Control

Mobile technology has made a comeback in commercial spaces as the phone lines are now professionally hard wired and wireless. Whether you’re moving into a new space or upgrading your current space, we can help.



Experience helps get you get proper and professional installations. Since 1996, we have been the ones to come to for commercial installations. We do them right the first time so that your office phone lines work whenever you need them.

Don’t wait for a Baltimore telephone system installation. Call us and have one put in today. Putting it off may end up costing you a big client or losing out on a promotion.


Our Baltimore Telephone System Installation Provides These Detailed Services

  • Business Telephone System
  • Telephone System Installation
  • Commercial Telephone Systems
  • Small Telephone System
  • Telephone System Maintenance
  • Telephone Systems Installation
  • Phone System Installation
  • Small Telephone Systems
  • Phone System Installers
  • Office Telephone Systems
  • New Telephone Systems
  • Telephone Systems For Business


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