Baltimore Electrical Services

Call Magothy Electric Company for Baltimore electrical services in your area. Let our electricians make your home of business feel more complete. We have been established since 1996 and still going today.

When you need electrical services in Baltimore, call our Baltimore Electrician. Your home and business means a lot to us, especially in regards to your electrical safety. Let our electricians help you!

Residential Electrical Repairs


Residential electrical repairs work requires us to be in different areas of the home. Your electrical system is not prone to one area of the house and that’s why we are qualified to take on your repairs.
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Commercial Electrical Repairs


We can perform commercial electrical repairs when you need them. If you are concerned about the safety of your current wiring inside your business or office, we’ll keep you safe and your building free of them.
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Surge Protection


Protect your appliances and devices from voltage spikes with surge protection. Voltage spikes usually occur when lightning strikes or when there is faulty wiring in the Baltimore home.
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Panel Upgrades/Replacements


An electrical panel upgrade/ replacement is an upgrade to handle all the new technology and futuristic appliances out there today, we may not have enough sufficient power to handle the increased demands in older homes.
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Telephone system Installation


Your new telephone system installation will remove the hassle of tangled wires, bulky machinery, and also reduce the cost of having to maintain the equipment. All of the features will be easy to use.
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Indoor/Outdoor Lighting


We are the indoor/outdoor lighting experts and it shows throughout the community. We have the equipment, and the best electricians to deliver you the best lighting services possible.
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Electrical Troubleshooting


Electrical equipment can malfunction for a variety of reasons. Our electrical troubleshooting can locate your problems and take care of your repairs.
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Dedicated Computer Circuits


If you are working without a dedicated computer circuit, your electronic device can be drawing more power than it should be. This will cause the computer(s) to overheat and the insulation, to the wiring, to melt.
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Appliance Circuits


If there is no plug or the current one does not have enough power, we can install a new appliance circuit. We are electrical wizards when it comes to keeping your appliances working.
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Whole House Wiring Inspections


We can produce thorough whole home wiring inspections. We’ll go through the electrical devices in your home and ensure that the wiring is up to code.
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Ceiling Fan Installation


If you are in need of a professional ceiling fan installation, call Magothy Electric Company. Whatever you need one for; they are always great to have as they are decorative to the interior too.
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Generator Installation/Repairs


When you need generator installation/repairs, we’ll show the specific details of each model. After your purchase, we can also keep your generator maintained.
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If you are looking for Baltimore Electrical Services then please call 888-MAGOTHY(624-6849) or complete our online request form.