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Annapolis-electrical-repairsMagothy Electric Company is a family owned and operated comprehensive electrician company. We provide 24/ 7 electrical repair, replacement, and installation for home and business owners in Annapolis and the surrounding Maryland area. Our team of electricians has been superior quality service for nearly 20 years. We utilize the most advanced technology and equipment in the industry today in order to provide you with exceptional results that bring absolute satisfaction. Our Annapolis electricians are highly trained in all Maryland home and business codes and regulations. We guarantee a smooth and fast process as well as competitive and affordable pricing.
Electrical Repairs and Restoration

We handle all Annapolis electrical repairs for both new and old wiring systems. No matter how small or large your problem is, let our experienced crew take care of it for you. Residential electrical repairs include wiring, home repairs, smoke detectors, panel upgrades, and complete inspections. We also provide the same high level work for commercial and industrial properties. We insure that all our work is performed using the safest methods in order to protect both our employees and our clients. Our staff is insured, bonded, and wear protective clothing for every job.

Panel & Service Upgrades

Today’s homes and offices require more power than ever. With thousands of dollars of electronics, equipment, and appliances and old panel simply won’t be able to handle the amount of electrical flow that is required in order to simultaneously provide electricity for everything running at the same time. Schedule a consultation with us today so that we can evaluate the panel in your building. We can easily test your panel to see if you are getting electronic current that is both effective and efficient. An old panel will cost you more money in the long run. A brand new panel gets the job done while providing a safer solution.

Reliable Troubleshooting For Your Home or Business

If you think that you may be experiencing problems in your home or office then contact us today. With one on-site visit we’ll inspect your building’s wiring, outlets, panel, switchboard and all other components. We can inspect the wiring throughout all your walls without damaging the drywall or any other areas. With Magothy Electric Company you get a comprehensive inspection that leaves nothing to chance. We understand that a weak electrical system is more than just an inconvenience. It’s a safety issue that also becomes a legal issue if your building is not up to local, state, and federal codes.

Complete Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans work by distributing large amounts of air throughout the room and acting as a supplement for your central air system. Investing in the right ceiling fan is more than just getting a decorative centerpiece for your room ceiling. It’s about getting the right size fan that spreads the cool or warm air around in a manner that is efficient and effective. We offer complete ceiling fan installation that is fast, dependable and keeps your fan operating for a long time. We also do ceiling fan maintenance and repairs. When you want experts to install your ceiling fan in Annapolis, call Magothy Electric Company.

What Annapolis Customers Say About Us

is Rated: 5 / 5
based on these 2 happy customer reviews.

“We just had some wiring work done in our house. They installed recessed lighting and moved some of the lighting around between the rooms. They were quick, efficient, polite, and made the whole process really easy. They only cut very small holes in our wall so that the repair that needs to be done is minimal and probably can be done ourselves. The whole process of getting a quote and having the service performed took under a week. We are very happy with the job that they did and very happy that at the expediency of it! Highly recommend this business.”

| Rated: 5/5

“Had an issue with a GFCI outlet burning up from a hair dryer. I called Magothy and they showed up the same day. They went over pricing and said if it was just a faulty GFCI outlet it would be one price and if the wiring was bad it would be another. It turned out to just be the outlet and they replaced it with a new one. Great work and honest pricing.”

| Rated: 5/5


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